Autumn/Winter wishlist

Just some stuff from my wish list for this winter.

I love black, and black. Maybe only other acceptable  variation are Beetlejuice like stripes and thats about it. To be perfectly honest I really do like colors - on my nails, accessorizes and make up. So here we go.

Yesturday I ordered this bag from ebay. It was the closest to what I wanted. This will be my first lady bag, so I'm a bit scared how will I feel about it and will I wear it at all. We'll see :D

Creepers, wedges and studs! i really don't know why I still didn't purchased it. Well actually because I can't make my mind on which one to buy :D

I bought this (black) velvet leggings, can't wait to wear them. I like them so much that I'm even considering buying them in color (purple or turquoise)

Underground wulfrum double sole creepers. <3

Just plain black skinny jeans, even dark grey would be fine too.

Kreepesville 666. This dress/tunic is on my wish list for some time now but I really think that it's overpriced. Maybe one day I'll try to diy.

I love over knee socks, and have lots of them. This are pantyhose with black over knee sock print, and will be more suitable for this still fairly hot weather before real autumn and winter. (I ordered these from ebay)

Dr.Martens - My favorite boots. I'm hoping to save enough money to buy them before winter, although I already have two pairs of docs. 

Another docs. I would buy those without thinking, but they are available only in U.K. if I remember right

This kind of boots were fairly popular past few years, and I really like them. 

Dr. Martens messenger bag. Probably will never buy it because it's pricy but I'm in love with this bag.

Demonia platform boots. Not long on my wish list but I really want them. 

Belt with spikes. I have my bf's old stud belt and it's way to big for me so I'm hoping to buy one in my size

Not exactly appropriate winter footwear but 
Iron Fist zombie stomper platforms are my all time ultimate shoe, and although I have few of IF shoes, somehow I don't have this beauties yet.

Black sweater with hood. Hopefully my grandmother will sew me something like this.

And the last one on my fashion WL is ramones t shirt.
Somehow everybody  in town manage to find it but me. I'm looking for woman's ramones tee for years now and wasn't able to find one (in my country, or affordable and pretty enough on the internet).

That's all. :) Do you like anything from my WL, what is on your autumn/winter wishlist?

Thank you for reading.


  1. Kreepsville haljina <3
    Zapravo imamo skoro identičan ukus što se robe tiče. Ja volim boje samo na noktima i accesorizeu . Eventualno neke samostojeće u nekoj boji tipa roza, zelena.

  2. Ti ja smo dijametralno suprotne, ja sve belo volim,a zapravo nijedno od ta dva nije boja.
    U svakom slucaju, fina ti je i dovoljno duga lista :)

    1. Ja obozavam vidjeti na drugima boje, bijele, njezne, kricave, ali osobno se stvarno nabolje osjecam u crnom/sivom.



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