What's my number, what's my color

Number is 363 Depend, and color? Color is impossible to describe.  One coat of black, and this magic on top.

Im using Maybeline's colorama black, and two coats of Depend 363. In bottle it is clear/milky polish with loads of blue/greenish, and purple/pink shimmer to it.

Depend on light color goes from turquoise, electric blue, green to deep purple! It's magic in bottle. I couldn't capture purple tones and the accurate color in bottle so here is link to beautiful pictures taken by ClawsInColor

I haven't tried it over white base, or even without base, but I spouse that it wouldn't be so effective as on top of darker color.

 When I first saw it it reminded me of unicorn tears, and there was no doubt about buying it.  


  1. Replies
    1. u odabranim kozmo prodavaonicama 12 kn su obicni lakovi, a holo, mirror i magnetic su 25 http://www.kozmo.hr/stranica/prikazi-557

    2. U mom kvartovskom kozmu ih nema i nikad ih nisam vidjela ali to je valjda zato jer nisam bila u gradu jaako dugo xD



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