What's on my YouTube watch list

List of few YouTube channels that I'm subscribed to and love to watch. 

Beauty gurus and makeup related channels : 

Two sisters, well known in makeup sphere (Samantha Chapman Real Techniques brushes)

She does all kind of different makeup looks, from normal and wearable to halloween looks, she's a real talent!

A bit different looks, darker, heavier, alternative makeup and clothing. I like her a lot.

One of the first beauty gurus that I discover on YT. Sometimes I like what she does with makeup, and sometimes I don't, but I'm always happy to see new upload from her.

I'm following a lot more channels, but these are my most favorites for makeup.

Moving on to the nails and nail related channels :)

Ultimate water marbling queen! My most favorite nail related channel.

Not much to say about cute polish. Well known on YT, doing very effective but simple nail art

She's a professional Diva Queen, loves unicorns, rainbows, glitter and a bit more glitter haha.
Great sense of humor, great nail art!

I love how she edit her videos, they look so fancy and neat, and also at the end of the video she includes different variations on look she did. 

Do you follow any of them? Who are your favorite you tubers?


  1. Sokolum 79 mi se čini interesting.

    Ja od beauty blogova najviše volim gossa, kandee johnson i synthetic doll (gothic/alternative/pinup makeup).

    1. dada i njih pratim, iako kandee u zadnje vrijeme stavlja drugacije videe nego prije, a syntethic doll sam ischekirala cijeli kanal i jos se nisam pretplatila :D neznam zasto, a goss je bio otkrice samo takvo. men with a lipgloss

    2. Meni je kandee ubersimpa i ful je pozitivna i volim gledati njene videe :D.
      Synthetic doll ima takve zakon makeup skills. Ono, gothy al ne samo smokey eyes nego i sto drugih detalja i baš izgleda predivno. Šteta što ja to ne mogu izvesti haha.
      Goss je zakon :D. On me naučio pošteno se šminkati xD



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