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I haven't write a new in post for a while now,  it's not that I didn't bought anything but I don't have time to write about it. So finally I manage to find some extra time to photograph all the stuff and say a word or two about it.

Since I bought quite a bit I divided it in to sections, just to keep post as short as possible :)
Some of the stuff I have plan to review so I won't talk much about here.

Note: It took me all day to take photos, and few hours to transfer them, I did a crappy job so some of them are blurry, and by the time I started to edit them I was so tired and didn't have energy to re-do some of them, also I forgot to include one polish, and was to lazy to take pictures of showering products.  :D buuuut here is what I did take pics of :D and one swatch

And one more note :D Labello lip butter - Vanilla & Macadamia is my new addiction! I put it before I go to bed, and next day I don't have need for any product for my lips at all, and I do have very dry lips that requires special attention! 

Here we go!

Make up

I got two Wet'n'Wild lipstick in Cherry bomb & Sugar plum fair and Catrice in Matt-erial girl

Look by Bipa lip liners in hazel orchid and bonbon

Swatches of Wet'n'Wild and Catrice

Beauty Uk palette amazon and eyebrow kit

I also got this brow liner from Beauty Uk in grey. I really like how it matchesh my brows.

Maybelline color tattoo in metalic pomegranate.

Garnier BBcream in light, such a waste of money.

Powder brush from Bipa and sharpener from Catrice. This sharpener made my year! I though I'll never be able to sharpen my nyx jumbo pencil, and then bought this miracle :D (I tried to sharpen it with regular sharpener for big pencils and it was millimeter to small for nyx XD drama!) 


Essence : 163 hey, nude 112 time for romance 165 here's my number 16 cool breeze and Debby (Bipa)
I noticed to late that I already show 165, and I forgot to take pic of one Essence polish from super heros collection and it's power girl, here is the picture.

Maybeline Colorama PolkaDots in 197, Konad Special polish in black, Essence Glow in the dark 18 fly firefly fly and 01 Fantastic girl from Superheros collection.

Moment in pastel malva, Maybelline Colorama in 86, Essence 132 break through, I wrote about this Orly here and one more Moment in 24 (this one has number and light one name :D funny moment people start numbering or naming polishes, not both)


Argan oil from Kemig, a must have for bleached hair and Alverde's oil for hair from almond and argan (haven't tried this one yet but it smells nice)

Bought this intensive repair treatment mask for blondes, still on a waiting list :D

Although I do like Gliss like, there is no particular reason why I bought this. I had a 50% off coupon :D and few days after I read a good review on it, so hopefully no money wasted. 


Balea almond bodylotion, this is third pack! I'm addicted. Alverde body butter, I wanted a body butter for winter so I gave this one a chance, still haven't tried it.

And two more things from Lush, but I took pictures from their site cause my melted due the travel adventure :D
Massage bars
Shimmy shimmy & Each Peach...

And thats it! suuuuper long and pic overload, sorry :D

Also please check this post, it's about polishes that I'll be sending for new adventures!

Thank you for reading


  1. Uh kakav new in :o svega lijepog, zaboravila da nabrojim dok sam stigla do kraja :)

    1. a bas predugi post :D da nisam imala ove ruzeve i palete koje sam htjela isprobati, vjerovatno nikada nebi napisala post :D ima tu stvari i kupljenih prije dva mjeseca. bas sam grozan bloger :D

    2. Ovako si veci efekat ostavila heheh :)

  2. Prekrasni noviteti :) Lakovi su mi divni, pogotovo teksturni :)

    1. Nadam se da ce i ove godine izaci sa novim teksturcima, a i Catrice sada ima jaku ponudu.

  3. Ovaj debby lakić :O So much glitter :O!

    Garnier bb krema ne valja ? Tako sam i mislila... zato nisam ni kupila, vjerojatno bi mi bila previše tamna XD

    moram si i js kupiti wet n wild stvari... samo što nijedan dm koji ih drži mi nije ni blizu ni usput kada negdje u grad idem... damn.

    1. garnier bb, smrdi po alkoholu, tamna je, izuzev boju, nema tu niti u od ujednacavanja ili ista tako, mislim nisam niti ocekivala full coverage ali ovo je kao da sam stavila niveu koja je prezuta haha.

      Za w'n'w evo popisa svih prodavaonica :D http://maybesnewstart.blogspot.com/2013/11/wet-n-wild-makeup-u-dm-u-popis.html

  4. krasne stvarčice... moje oči ipak trče na lakove ;)

    1. tako i meni kada citam o novitetima, sto cemo kada smo lakomanijaci :)



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