Polish on a tour

Hello, this time something different! Here are two polishes that are on travel adventure. They are Catrice - In The Bronx and Orly - Hook up.

This two polishes are sent to me by lovely Žana from Nail Crazy blog and here are her swatches on this two babies polishes with mission.
And girl who starded this great idea is Illy from Nails And More Blog and also her swatches of Catrice here and Orly here.

And here are my impressions on these two:

Catrice In The Bronx is beautiful warm coppery goldish shimmer polish with a hint of brown, depending on light it can look a bit cold, but I thing it's because of glitter.

Formula is average, it's easy to work with, and dries fast enough.
Althoug I really like this colour, it was a bit too much of not me, so I tried stamp over it and it was simply beautiful! 

And this is Orly Hook up. I don't like this polish. It is too sheer, leaving visible brush strikes and after two coats I can still see my nail line. One more thing that I don't like about this polish is pearl finish that reminds me of that kind of polishes that old ladies use :D

Although I do not like a lot about this polish, I do like color, and would like it a lot if it was a cream, and formula is fine, fast drying, nothing special to say about this .

One last thig! If you want to try this polishes, or you like and support this idea and want participate and be part of it, you can enter this form below and after a week I'll pick a new temporary home for this two :D

Also I'm not sure is this meant to be international or what, but I will be sending this to the countries of the region (croatia, serbia, slovenia, bih, montenegro)

So, good luck and thanks for reading (I don't know what's wrong with my fonts, there is like 3 different fonts on this post and I cannot change it to one. crazy blogger :/)
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  1. ovo se zove brzina ;)
    da znaš da ti oba laka stoje puno bolje nego meni, super si ih prezentirala :D

    1. to se zove kisna subota :D svidja mi se catrice, ali mi je malo previse kada je sam. Moram priznati da sam malo vise ocekivala od orly-a, nije mi djelovao ovako prozirno

  2. Krasan mi je ovaj catrice, vidjela sam ga i kod Žane :)))

    1. Eto, na kraju je ipak zavrsio kod tebe :)



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