Real Techniques stippling brush vs. Ebay stippling brush

My thoughts on original and fake stippling brush!

Some time ago my friend bought me a stippling brush from Real Techniques and I really wanted to see what are the main difference between original and fake so I ordered one from Ebay, and it costed me around 4-5 $ witch is and isn't as much for Ebay brush.

As you can see, there is huge difference in hair length. Original has nice firm short black and white hairs and fake has much more fluffier and longer white part.

Another thing is brush handle. Original has matte black part, and not visible seam, and fake is shinny plastic with obvious seam. Also ferrule on original is much better, holding bristle at place, and has a nicer edge while fake one does not hold bristle tight enough.

There is much difference in hairs as well as you can see, fake has much more density and while applying foundation all the hairs sticks and absorb enormous amount of product. With original there is no such problems at all, it blends foundation nice, does not absorb a lot of product.  

One more thing that is horrible with fake brush is that when you lean it on you face all the hair tilt on one side and stay that way witch is one of the reasons why this brush leaves funny strikes on face, and you can't stipple with it.

I noticed that fake one losing a lot of hair every time I washed it, but didn't noticed that original lost any.
On RT brush I really like that bristles don't stick to each other, and when drying it doesn't lose it's shape, while with fake one I have to be careful and it dries with sticked bristles.

Real Techniques stippling brush close up

Ebay stippling brush close up

Overall this fake is not worth of that money at all and I strongly suggest you to save that money and buy original, or at least some better quality brush, because this one is not! 

Thank you for reading :)


  1. evo na ovoj našoj stranici parfema, pouzdana je :) http://www.biraj.hr/main.aspx?id=9&pid=4475&sex=female

    1. ZENO! you made my year! :D hvala ti od <3

    2. nema problema, znam kako ti je. uživaj u parfemu :))

  2. ja sam se ustvari iznenadila kad mi je moja rt bockalica stigla, ucinila mi se taaaako sićušno, ja uvijek zamišljam da je nešto veće, valjda zbog close up fotografija :D ali obavlja posao...i to dobro.

    1. Mene velicina bockalice nije iznenadila toliko kao njihov starter kit, toliko sicusni kistovi, a po tutorijalima izgledaju ogromno :D
      Ali nije to problem samo kod kistova, dosta citam da se cure nemalo iznenade i na velicine paleta, rumenila itd.



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