I love ❤ Blueberry & Smoothie Glossy Lip Balm

A short review of I love ❤ Blueberry & Smoothie glossy lip balm. 

I got this strange looking baby blue lip balm for review from Click2Chic 
and I've been using it for a few days so I can say a word or two about it.

I love is a british brand and you can find more about it on their official web site here.

It comes in a very nice clear packaging with a black lid. So far I like packaging, it feels firm and durable, and not cheap.
When I opened it, I felt very nice smell which reminded me of berries and hint of coconut and vanilla.
It smells really nice.

What I love says about this product : 
Smooth me onto your lip, leaving them soft, moisturised and ultimately kissable.

What I say:

Although it feels very nice on lips, and leaves feeling of deep care, it's not enough nourishing for deep hydration and winter care. If your lips don't need extra care in winter time it could be a good lip balm even for care, but my lips need more intensive care during cold, so I use it as on days when I want a bit of glossiness on my lips.

I really think this will be a very nice spring/summer lip balm, and I'll say again, I really like how it smells!
On lips it leaves clear glossy shine, but when applied heavily it looks a bit strange because it has a hint of blue to it. 

Overall I'm pleased with this lip balm, and I using it as a bit of shine for daily looks.

You can purchase this product at Click2Chic for price of 3,95 


  1. joj ja baš ne volim ovakva pakiranja, daj mi balzam u sticku i ja presretna ;)

    1. Ja ih nevolim pred kraj :D A melem me naviknuo na ovakva parikranja, iako stick rules naravno :)

  2. Uuu, super blog.

    možemo se pratiti?

    pozdrav iz Slovenije :)




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