So, I've been lazy bastard

Actually not really, it was more time that was problem. First I was with my family almost whole december and how I didn't planned staying that long I didn't took my laptop with me. What a mistake :D

So whole december I was dammed to use phone to browse through the internet. 
That lead to my laziness at commenting, not to mention about writing blog. 

Who in the world writes blog on mobile phone? :D

Than came new year, I even started a 356 project, and so far I'm doing good (I'm missing only one photo :)).
 Although I am using my phone to take photos, it's only because it
 is so much easier considering that is a bit difficult for me to carry around heavy camera and taking care of my little sunshine :)  

And last two weeks, I was catching a chance to do all photos at once, so I can write multiple posts and gradually publish them. 
But it was pretty hard to find right time and perfect weather conditions.
And finally THE day has come! LOL
All photos are imported, ready to process. Hell yeah :D

I missed this little place so much, and I'm really hoping that I won't make this long breaks again.

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