Pink my ride - Beauty UK

I was so thrilled when I swatched this lipstick in the store, it is my first beauty uk lipstick, and after not buying famous plumalicious I finally found one that I like, so I bought it! Unfortunately, although I had in plan to buy some more, I won't. Find out why :/

Beauty UK products can be find in Kozmo stores, Croatia. Price range is to the cheaper side (like Essence, Catrice..) They have lip, nail and face products in their assortment. 
I had no interest in nail polishes because shades did not get my attention, and they are a bit pricier that Essence, and Essence have more shades to pick. I did try one of their eyeshadow pallets, and it is ok, but I wouldn't repurchase it again, again because of shades, and because of fact thad Wet'n'Wild is now available in Dm stores and is much better.

For long time now I'm in a hunt for their lipstick in Plumalicious, and it is always sold out. Yesterday for the first time I tried to swatch other lipsticks that they have just to see what they have to offer. I have to admit, I found 3 shades that I really want to buy, but I won't. You can see later in photos why is that so :D

Let's talk about shade I got! I bought Pink my ride witch is a bright neon fuchsia pink :D It's really hard to explain, and it was even harder to take photos of. Half of the photos are processed to get close to the accurate color of the lipstick.

In lid of the lipstick is little container with almost matching color as lipstick itself, and that is gloss. It's cute, and even more practical because you can actually see what shade is your lipstick.

Lipstick has 3,7 g of product and best to use in 24 months once opened. It has noticeable scent like mint or so, and yes, it tingles for good minute or so once applied onto lips. Bit annoying.

This shade is semi-matte, it is not dry on lips, and it's one of those lipsticks that are easy to use and apply. I haven't worn it longer that 2 hours so I cannot say about his durability on lips, but it does leave bit of stain when fading.

Here are the swatches. I have to say that none of all this photos is not 100% accurately showing color of the lipstick, and it would be the best is you could actually see it in real life.

  And for the end, why I won't buy any of Beauty UK cosmetics (although I wanted to buy at least two more lipsticks in snob and candy)

  I saw paraben in ingredients when I was editing photos and felt so betrayed and dirty. Like a vegetarian who unintentionally  ate meat :/ This made me almost depressed, and repulsed me from this lipstick and whole brand.

Thank you for reading :)


  1. ne znam kako mi je promaknula ova nijansa! kupujem :D

    1. Meni dodje da bjezim glavom bez obzira od ovih parabena, a tako mi je zao radi jos ta druga dva spomenuta ruzna :D

  2. Na lice uglavnom ne stavljam ništa što sadrži parabene, skoro sam napravila izuzetak kad sam kupila okoloočnu kremu sa parabenima. Planiram ubuduće da se još detaljnije posvetim izučavanju sastava proizvoda koje koristim...

    1. Da i mene to muci, neznam sto cu s tim ruzem :/



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