Wet'n'Wild Spoiled Brat eyeshadow palette

Swatches of Wet'n'Wild trio palette in Spoiled Brat. 

I won't talk much about packaging, because it is not the most important to me. This is light plastic, it is not the best quality but, it is good enough I suppose. I don't know what people are expecting or planing to do with it, but for me it is more than good for make up purposes :D

I couldn't find ingredients on their official site but here is list from CosDna

So onto the palette :D
For the price of 30-35 kn you will get 3 eyeshadows and two little applicators, one is sponge and other is little brush applicator. 

Shadows are pink/fuchsia - it's bright pinkish fuchsia with hint of blue to it, almos duochrome, matte black with silver glitters and almost metallic silver.
Color payoff is amazing with and without base, and I believe that is the case with almost all of their products.

Here are the swatches:

With base, natural light

So overall I really like this palette and would like that there are all of them available here, because they have really nice combos and you can check it on their web site wet and wild

Do you have any of their products? Do you like this palette?
Thanks for reading :)

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