Avon Beauty Blog Day 2014

Here is my impression of Avon BeautyBlog Day 2014 (Zagreb,Croatia)

If you don't know what Avon BeautyBlog Day is you can read more about it here.
So two lovely ladies, Ana Popovic Kisur and Mirela Vrbanac decided to invest their talent, time and lots of will and make this project possible. Thank you for that <3 

This year event was situated in beautiful restaurant Maksimir, everything was so nice decorated, and every little thing was planned to pieces so we can feel good that day, and we did ;)

Event starder around 10, short introduction, very useful presentations about blogging, audience and social networks, loads of informations. You can read more about it here (croatian only)

Except that we also had 3 very delicious meal breaks.
This was my first time on this event and I was like Alice in wonderland, so I didn't saw everything and everybody, I ended up meeting just few of my fellow bloggers, but hopefully there will be next time and next year, right? 

This is how I felt ha ha :D

This years best croatian beauty blogger was Martina with her blog Dear Skin.

Enough talking, photo time :D

All of this photos are taken from here and here, you can check both of those albums for more photos.

Lovely Essie lady did my nails. Picture taken from Little things by mala Palcica

Also here is video so you can see how that looked.

And photos taken by me :

Secretly I wanted to get some testers and pr samples, but never even dreamed to get goodie bag full of awesomeness!!! Here is just a little part of goodie bag  :)

And at the end of this ginormous post I can only say thank you and see you next year :)


  1. Baš nam je bilo lijepo, šteta što je tako brzo prošlo :D

    1. Drago mi je sto smo se ove godine upoznale :) A svake godine je jako lijepo :D

  2. jesus, zavarila sam kad sam vidila kako smo se Lendoxia i ja počepušale oko aparata :P
    ti i Katarina ste mi bile najživopisnije tamo <3
    pusa Maxu, nadam se da će nam se pružiti prilika za još malo druženja :D

    1. Drago mi je da si mi prisla, inace od euforije i srama nebi nikog upoznala :D

  3. žao mi je što se nismo stigle podružiti, no bit će valjda još prilika :)

    1. Rekla bih sljedece godine, ali prosao je i BBD 2015, onda mozda sljedece sljedece godine? :D



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