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I'we been good lately and didn't bought shitload of stuff and would you believe me if I say that this is everything that I bought in last 40 days? :D

Manic Panic hair dyes in Lie Locks & Mystic Heather
My first time trying out manic panic, loving the lie lock bud mystic heather is  bit of a disappointment.

Coconut Oil 
If I wasn't paid it for myself I would say gift from heaven :D
It was a case of emergency so I bought this one in store, next time I'll order it from iHerb. Although this was not a bad case of rip-off - about 50 kn for 370 ml (just for e.g. in local bio store is 100 kn for 500 ml) 

Ziaja hand cream, not good, not bad, one of those meeh products. Won't buy it again.

Le Petit Marseillais showering milk - I'll buy anything that reminds me of Spuma di sciampagna marsiglia scent. This does not smell like it to be honest, but packaging reminded me of it. 

Balea 2 minute hair mask

Two lip products
Carmex - love it! And one more BeautyUK lipstick, I had to have it. Couldn't find similar shade and bought it. Now I have guilt feeling all over me. >:O

Wet'n'Wild Coverall cream foundation, no need for words. It's cheap, and good. I love it.

Essence Effect eye pencils in Robo-cop & Metal Phantom
Very good, and long lasting. More about them soon.

I already wrote post about these mascaras and you can read about it here.

And that's it! Do you like/have any of these things?

Thank you for reading :)


  1. čekam detaljne dojmove po pitanju ovih essence effect olovaka! ful me zanimaju. i dijelimo istu ljubav prema w'n'w puderu!

  2. i mene najviše zanimaju essence olovke <3

  3. pridružujem se ekipi koju zanimaju olovke :D

  4. srecom pa je post bio napisan vec prije ovoga, objavljen je pa koga zanima nek potrazi :)

  5. Divan new in :) Le Petit Marseillais gelovi za tuširanje su mi odlični i sviđa mi se njihova old school ambalaža. O WnW puderu sam čula puno toga lijepoga i imam ga u vidu za kupovinu :D

    1. Mene je isto privukla ambalaza LPM tusiralice, nadam se da miris nece podbaciti :)
      W'n'W mislim da ce biti puder godine. Stvarno je odlican.

  6. Marseillais tusiralice me jako zanimaju, nisam jos kupila nijednu :D

    1. Mene isto zanima kakva ce biti, jako mi se svidja i ambalaza i miris :)

  7. olovke i maskaru sam već vidjela na djelu, super izgledaju :D
    nadam se da ćeš pokazat i kosu nakon što upotrijebiš ove boje :D

    1. Imam par postova gdje se vidi nova/stara boja :) Cak planiram i kratku recenciju/osvtr napraviti, nije da ce koga zanimati, ali bas me briga ha ha



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